Royal Observatory Clock £1


A superb quality replica of the famous Royal Observatory Shepherd Gate Clock.

Officially endorsed by the Royal Observatory Greenwich

The Shepherd Gate clock has pride of place on the wall outside the Royal Observatory at Greenwich. (see third and fourth photo’s)

Dating from 1852 it is a very early example of an electric “slave” clock – driven by electric pulses from a master clock inside the building – designed by Charles Shepherd as part of a network that would enable time to be standardised throughout the country.

The idea was successful, although more expensive than intended, and by 1866 the same signal was being transmitted across the Atlantic to Harvard University.

This highly authentic-looking replica has the same 24hr markings and two-dial face, but is reproduced at 65% of the original’s size (at 23½" instead of 36½" diameter).

Fitted with two movements for perfect time keeping.

Toughened glass and a weatherproof seal make this clock suitable for both indoor and  outdoor use.

Powered by 2 x AA batteries

Size: Overall diameter is an impressive 23½" (60cm)

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