Information for Sellers

Information for sellers

Selling at Auction

At Hutchinson Scott Auctioneers we guide you through the entire selling process; from valuation, collection and auctioning to receiving your payment for the sale.

Please note that proof of name and address is required when selling at auction.

How to get a valuation on your item?

  • We offer a free online valuation service, simply upload your image and send us basic information and we will get back to you within 24 hours. We will be able to give you a basic valuation and advice as to you whether your item will be suitable for one of our sales.
  • No appointments are necessary, we are at the office 5 days a week between the hours of 9 am and 5 pm. 
  • Proof of name and address is required when selling at auction.
  • By appointment, a specialist can visit your property to value larger collections of items, this service is offered free of charge.
  • You can request an initial valuation by email. All you will need to provide is a high-resolution image of your item, a description (including measurements, information about any signatures, etc), and your contact details

How to get the items to Hutchinson Scott?

  • We can help arrange collection of your items. The fee for this service can either be charged directly from the collection company, or deducted from your sale proceeds
  • Please contact us if you wish to deliver your items to us, to arrange a mutually convenient time

Do I receive a catalogue?

  • If you are selling items in the auction we will happily send a catalogue to the registered address on request, but this is not an automated service.

How do I find out sale results?

  • All results will be available on our website at the end of each sale day
  • Please do not hesitate to contact a representative to discuss sale results

How soon will I be paid?

  • The settlement statements and cheques will be sent out within four weeks of the last day of the auction.
  • Direct transfer payments can be arranged, please let our accounts department know at least two weeks prior to the auction by email or post. 

How to proceed if items remain unsold

  • The seller will be notified of any unsold items within 14 days of the sale. The seller can then either re-offer the lot(s) with a lower reserve in a future auction or collect the lot(s). If the seller wishes to collect rather than re-enter, the lot(s) must be picked up within 28 days
  • If we have not received instructions within 28 days, the lot(s) will be automatically re-offered into a future auction at our discretion.