Now officially an antique, 100 years old and still going...

Now officially an antique, 100 years old and still going...

Parker Pens & Chanel Perfume

25/08/2021     General News

Parker Pens still a leading manufacturer of pens to this day launched the iconic ground breaking  ‘Parker Duofold’ in 1921, this was the pen that helped to establish Parker as a leading pen manufacturer in the world.  In the 1920’s no other manufacturer had mastered the art of colouring the pen casing making this revolutionary, hence the pen became known as the ‘Big Red’. 

So check your desk drawers, you may have an original 1921 edition hiding there! 

To mark the centenary Parker Pens have launched a stunning limited edition anniversary Parker Duofold!  

(PR85878, RRP£1,000, ) 

Further information can be found at, 

Coco Chanel 

We’ve all heard of Coco Chanel but did you know that the famous ‘Chanel No.5’ perfume was created back in 1921, and yes that makes this highly desired modern scent officially an antique - well at least an original bottle of the perfume!  

Gabrielle ‘Coco’ Chanel sought the help of Ernest Beaux to create a "woman's fragrance that smells like a woman", a scent for the modern woman. The name "N°5" simply came from the fact that it was the fifth sample of the fragrance.  As with everything Coco Chanel touched the design of the Fragrance and the bottle was key, creating a product that was on brand with an unusually simple angular bottle with a plain white label topped with a multi-faceted cabochon.  

History in more detail, BBC NEWS 


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