Where are the Best Places to Sell Antiques?

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Antiques are popular among seasoned collectors and homeowners who enjoy beautiful decor alike. These items have an irresistible charm and they tell a story of years gone by. Their inherent value makes them a great investment too and many antiques appreciate over time. Whether you’ve started collecting antiques or you’ve recently inherited a precious piece, you may be wondering ‘how can I sell my antiques?’ and ‘where can I sell antiques?’.

 Lot 1035, April 2024 - A large and rare late 19th century gun shop advertising sign, sold for £1,500.


Antiques often hold sentimental value beyond their price tag and finding the right buyer who appreciates their unique history can make the selling process even more rewarding. In this blog, we have explored different options for selling antiques, offering practical advice to help you choose the right platform based on your specific needs. Read on to learn more and take a look at the Hutchinson Scott website if you’re interested in selling at auction



  • Online Platforms



The digital revolution has transformed the antique selling landscape. Online marketplaces offer convenience, a wider audience and often, a quicker sales process. However, you need to be careful as not all platforms are designed for selling highly valuable items and you might not get the protection you need as a seller. Not to mention, you are often responsible for the delivery of items sold and arranging delivery of antique furniture, for example, can be complicated. 



  • Auctions



Auctions, whether online or physical, remain a popular way to buy and sell antiques. They not only provide an exciting selling experience but also expose your items to dedicated collectors. The competitive nature of auctions can drive up prices, potentially fetching higher bids for your antiques, and reputable auction houses offer expert appraisals and marketing, enhancing the visibility and value of your items in the market. At Hutchinson Scott, we guide you through the entire selling process, from valuation to auctioning and receiving payment.



 Lot 345, January 2024 - A good 19th century carved linden wood black forest bear stool, sold for £6,200 + BP



  • Antiques Fairs and Markets



Antiques fairs and markets are great for selling items in person. These events attract a diverse range of buyers and offer the added benefit of immediate sales. Plus, direct interaction with customers can be invaluable in gauging interest and negotiating prices. There are some downsides to participating in local flea markets or antique fairs though, and there may be costs associated with doing so. You also need to have free time to dedicate to standing behind a stall and there is no guarantee that there will be any interest in the antiques you’re selling. 



  • Local Antique Shops



Local antique shops can be an excellent option for selling smaller, less expensive items. These shops often have loyal customers and can offer a straightforward, hassle-free selling experience. It’s key to note that antique stores will be looking to make a profit on the antiques they buy from you. Therefore, selling to a local shop might not be the right option if you’re looking to get the best possible price for the antiques you own. 


Selling with Hutchinson Scott Auctioneers


At Hutchinson Scott, we make it easy to sell your antiques and we offer a free online valuation service, so you can get a better idea of how much your antiques are worth without any upfront costs. Our vendor selling commissions are highly competitive too, making the selling process both cost-effective and lucrative for you.


As an experienced firm of auctioneers, we recognise the unique qualities of each antique and the importance of reaching the right audience. That's why we publish our auctions on five international platforms, attracting bidders from across the world with varying budgets. For instance, American pocket watches and Tiffany lamps are highly sought after by American buyers. Therefore, we target these specific audiences, ensuring your items are seen by those who value them the most.


In our past auctions, we've seen a diverse range of items attract considerable interest and competitive bidding. From vintage jewellery to rare art pieces, our platform ensures your antiques are presented in the best light to the right audience.


Tips for Selling Your Antiques 


If you are planning to sell some of your antiques, here are some useful tips to consider. We would always advise you to turn to a reputable firm, like Hutchinson Scott, who will make the selling process as hassle-free as possible. 


  • Understand Your Antique: Research your item to learn more about its age, rarity and potential value. Once you know more about the historical background and unique features of your antique, consider using a professional valuation service to gain insights into its market demand and potential pricing, ensuring a more informed decision on where and how to sell it for maximum value.


  • Presentation Matters: High-quality photos and detailed descriptions can significantly impact the interest in your item. Consider incorporating storytelling elements into your item descriptions, highlighting unique characteristics, historical anecdotes or captivating details. Ensure you have clear, well-lit and high-resolution images that showcase the item from various angles, enticing potential buyers and setting your listing apart.


  • Consider Your Timeline: Some platforms may facilitate faster sales than others. Assessing your urgency to sell and understanding the turnaround times on different platforms can help tailor your approach, ensuring you choose platforms that align with your desired timeline. Whether you’re looking for a quick sale or you can be more patient, you can ensure you sell your antiques the right way. 


Hutchinson Scott: The Best Place to Sell Antiques


Selling antiques can be a rewarding experience, especially when you find the right platform that makes it easy to sell your items. If you’re asking ‘how can I sell my antiques’ or ‘where can I sell antiques’, Hutchinson Scott is the answer. We provide a complete service, guiding you from valuation to sale and payment. Our free online valuation service, accessible by uploading an image and basic item information, offers an initial assessment within 24 hours, helping you determine if your item is suitable for our sales. 


We are available without appointments five days a week, from 9 am to 5 pm, and offer a complimentary in-home valuation for larger collections. Required documentation includes proof of name and address. Get in touch at 01756 798333 or sales@hutchinsonscott.co.uk for more information on our seller's commission rates, consignment procedures, catalogues, sale results, payment details, and handling unsold items.


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